Customize your Commercial Furniture

How to Choose and Order Custom Commercial Divine Furniture

Meticulously engineered and skillfully crafted products form the backbone of DivineWoodNCrafts collections. Our products brings a unique and divine feeling to your office, Temple, Restaurants, shops etc. We can design and build unlimited styles of custom solid wood divine furniture. We are located in Durham, NC and operate in 8000 sq. Ft facility.  You can submit your custom furniture design and get a quote for building it.

Why Custom Divine Furniture?

Unlike with readymade pieces, custom-made furniture opens up a slew of options for you to choose from. Most importantly, when you can make such specific choices, you can be sure your divine furniture will reflect your personal style.

Planning for Your Order

Commercial Custom furniture pieces can come with higher price tags, but when done right they make your space a one-of-a-kind reflection of your style. It’s important to know how much you want to spend and have that amount in mind as you discuss choices with your designer. Since Custom projects are always challenging for us because it all comes from imagination to reality, it will be hard for us to give exact quote instead can give an approximate quote.

Because custom furniture is made for you from scratch, keep in mind as you plan that it will take longer to get the piece(s) to you. From designing to making to shipping can take as long as 4-10 weeks. Though the timeline is sometimes shorter, depending on the complexity.


Be sure you measure the dimensions of the commercial space you’re hoping to add your furniture to including ceiling height. When filing out the form be sure to add the measurement details. Also try attaching a sample pictures of the furniture you have in mind or a hand drawing design that will help us to get an idea.

Working with the designer

Commercial Clients can request a design consultation which can be conducted in person, by phone or through the use of Online meetings, or can send us the information through filing the form. Once we get the email from you with details. Our creative designers will get in touch with you either through email/call. Once a good understanding of the product is received, designer will start working on the design and will send you a rough architect drawing and quote. This will be done for a small fee. Once your approval is received and payment is done, we will initiate the furniture making process. We will also keep you informed with the status of the furniture and share some sample pictures during building phase. That will give you a better idea on how the product is coming up.

Furniture making process:

From creativity to Engineering to Finish Product

Please note: We will not be able to replicate and build 100% of the sample design due to complexity, your budget or material availability.
Here is the sample of how the custom orders will be worked on

For detail information of making of custom furniture’s, please fill the form.

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