32″ Closed Door Pooja Mandir M#3(White)



Overall Dimensions (W x D x H):  32 x 22 x 65 Inches
Weight: 170 Lbs
Material Used: Red Oak wood
Finish: White Oil Paint
Availability: Made to Order


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Product Description

Artistic Traditional Pooja Mandir designs, with Ornamental temple-style carvings, and structures such as Traditional Roof, Kalash and Bells makes the Wooden Temple Design a Beautiful Masterpiece. This Economic and Compact design can be easily moved around the house as the occasion demands. The below specifications will be included in the Base Price of the Temple.

  • 100% Handcrafted by skilled artisans in USA
  • Material Used:
    Solid High quality Red Oak plywood(Pro-grade) for the Temple
  • Temple color:
    White Oil Paint with Glossy finish
  • Overall Dimension: 32″ Wide * 22″ Deep * 65″ Height
    Inner Dimensions: 30″ Wide, 19″ Deep, 24” Height
    Roof Portion: 12” Height
    Middle portion: 24” Height
    Storage portion: 25” Height
    Legs: 4” Height
  • Front Doors with Intricate Spiral Carvings
  • Pull Out Tray for placing Prasad, lighted Diya and other items during Pooja
  • 2 Storage Drawers for storing your Pooja Items
  • LED Corded Color Light w/ remote
  • 1 Step Inside Mandir to arrange Idols
  • Solid 4 golden Legs, Gold Kalash (cones) on roof top included
  • 3 Brass Bells below roof
  • Installation information- Whole Body comes as one unit, Roof and legs needs to be installed from your side.
  • Please Note:
  • In Stock mandir takes 1-2 weeks to Ship, if Not in Stock New Mandir will take Roughly 6-12 weeks time to be Ready
  • The other brass items, God Balaji symbol and God items except bells will be NOT be included from the picture. Can be purchased for additional cost, please select dropdown to add extra Accessories for your mandir.
  • No Return or Refund policy once order is placed due to nature of business. Read Shipping Policy for more details.
  • As we are Custom Builders, there will be Wood Trims, Wood column/Pillar variations and Hardware variations in the Actual Product. Based on the availability they will be chosen.For the list of Upgrades, please refer the UPGRADES Tab or Visit the Custom Option Page.

Divine Wood N Crafts is proud to say that we give the best quality, price and features on our products.

Few features that make us out standing from the other Companies are:

  • Most of our products comes with full-size pull-out tray, deep storage drawer, standard middle portion height and depth in the base price of the temple without any additional cost.
  • All temples comes with hand carved bell carvings on the temple along with Commercial quality hardware such as metal drawer gliders, antique knobs and decorative trims.
  • Expensive Mahogany/Cherry Trims all over the Temple, Metallic Gold paint on Kalash/legs, Glossy Oil Stain finish which will last for ever.
  • All above mentioned features are included in the Base Price of the Temple, not in the upgraded features as other companies do.
  • We offer 120% price match guarantee on our products
  • Want to know more on the Quality and Process of our Custom projects?. Read more in our Blog Section.

Who are DivineWoodNcrafts?

DivineWoodNCrafts(DWNC) is Innovative custom divine furniture company based in the Durham, NC in USA and operate in 8000 sq. Ft wood working facility. DWNC Custom Furniture is a team of experienced craftsmen, woodworkers, and creative designers that manufacture and construct beautiful, handcrafted custom wood and unique divine furniture’s. Well our products are 100% built from scratch in USA. The unique feature is that we build customize designs and sizes also as per the requirement of the clients.


What kind of wood material you use?

DWNC uses only high-end quality materials, we use variety of species of wood to bring the best fusion in our products. All our woods are purchased from custom factories that make us unique in the market. We use Red oak, Mahogany, Cheery, Redwood, Maple on our projects based on Commercial or residential use. We also use only heavy duty Hardware’s to our projects. It all makes the product solid and will last longer for years. We don’t use any low quality wood such as MDF etc.. Please refer our blog section for more details.


Can I customize the existing Pooja Mandirs?

Yes, we can customize the existing Pooja Mandirs/furniture’s by customizing colors, adding shelves or any other small alterations. Would cost extra from the base price.


Do you take custom orders from clients for new Pooja Mandirs or any other custom furniture’s?

Yes, we encourage clients to give their own Pooja Mandir/furniture plans and we are happy to build something from scratch. We can give a price estimate for your design. You can find more innovative sample designs from social media sites such as Pinterest etc..


How does the estimate work on the Custom designs?

Most of the custom designs are challenging for us and we will not be able to give a fixed price quote, instead will give you a rough quote. So, we recommend the clients to go with the existing built design if you are in a budget. As the new custom design’s will not have a fixed price. Read more on the process in the blog section.


Can I see the pictures when furniture’s are in the process of building?

Yes, we can send pictures on possible phases.


How will be the finish of the custom furniture?

Please understand that these are challenging projects and building new furniture’s without previous prototype is time and labor intensive. Also, all the products are handmade so please don’t expect a factory finish. We will ensure we will do the best in terms of quality and finish.


How quickly can you deliver your items?

Most of the Custom products are made to order, it takes 8-12 weeks’ time or sometimes longer based on our schedule. If the item is in stock and readily available, we can deliver within 1-2 weeks’ time.


Do you ship your Pooja Mandirs from India?

No, all our custom designs are built from scratch in our wood working facility located in USA (Cary, NC) including labors and materials.


Do you sell Pooja Mandir accessories?

Yes, we sell brass bells, hanging brass Diya’s and other Pooja accessories.


Do you ship your custom furniture?

Yes, we ship only inside USA. Read more details in the shipping policy section.


Are these only designs you have in your website?

As we work on new Custom projects for our clients, our Catalog keeps growing.


Are you on Social Media Sites?

Yes, we are on WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. Please stay tuned for everyday new designs.

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