Shipping Policy

Below are our Shipping Policy, please be sure to read our Terms and conditions before receiving your Shipment.

Moving Instructions:

All Mandirs are heavy and will be delivered standardly CURBSIDE (unless special services chosen), make sure to have enough help at the day of delivery. Mandir will be packed in a Wooden Pallet, you will need to unscrew it and just take mandir inside home.  Do Not use sharp objects to open the package.

Do Not use Columns(Pillars), Brackets and Railings on mandirs to lift and carry as it decorative piece and fragile. Always lift the mandir from the bottom. Mandir is stuffed with many components such as Roof, Steps etc. Do NOT shake or handle roughly. You can remove the components inside mandir to reduce weight. Again we will NOT be responsible for the damages happened during moving.

Assembly Instructions:

Before opening the package make sure to read the Moving Instructions paper copy attached on the shipment. All Mandirs will require minimal assembly.  You will need to install Roof and Legs/Wheels from your side. For Legs/ Wheels lay the mandir down backside to install them. Hardwares are labelled and packed in the Accessory box. Please Call us in case of any questions.

Shipping Method:

We use the reputed Freight shipping company to ship our custom products. As our products weigh easily 200-300 pounds, we make sure it is packaged in such a way that it safely reaches you without damage. Make sure to have enough help when is mandir is getting delivered. You will be contacted by Shipping company before delivery so you can make plans accordingly.

Shipping Destination: only ships orders within the USA.

Order Tracking: When your order is shipped, we can provide you the tracking details.

Undelivered Shipment:

Once your Shipment is shipped you will be responsible to closely monitor and make yourself available to receive it. All Shipping companies have a timeline, if they couldn’t deliver within 2-3 days they will start charging Storage fee, attempted deliveries etc. And we In-Turn need to charge you, if payment not made after delivery Divine WoodN Crafts have rights to take Legal Action. To avoid this request us to ship at the time you are available at your home.

Please make sure that the delivery address you provide while placing your order is correct. Incase of wrong address, we will NOT be responsible. You will be charged extra for the change of address.

Shipping Process:

All our Pooja Mandirs are taken at-most care from Building to Shipping. We pack the mandir in Wooden Pallet, Cardboard Box and Wrap it safely. Most shipments takes 5-7 business days to be delivered after shipping based on your Location. We do not control Shipping, we are dependent on Shipping company and we are helping you to make sure that the item is shipped through a reliable Shipping Company. Once you receive the Tracking details, its your responsibility to track and have communication with Shipping Company to get the shipment delivered. In case of any issues with the shipments such no calls from them after 2 weeks and you couldn’t get-to contact them, kindly contact us we will help you. 

Damaged Shipment:

Please read carefully and make sure you follow the instructions. When the Shipment is delivered, make sure to check there is NO big damages that you can see visibly. The outer-side cover torn badly with cardboard sheets ripped is a sign for damage on the mandir. Take good pictures and Contact us @ 919-274-6818 Immediately and we will direct you the process. You will Need to Sign the Paper copy provided by Driver saying that you received a Damaged product with details. If this is NOT signed during delivery we will not be able to claim insurance nor help you, so be sure to do this. Pls. note we can not help with small cosmetic issues or scratches, but can assist you. Only Major damaged item is accepted to return back. Without contacting us and proper communication with us, we will not be able to accept the item back and not be able to send you the new product. So please be sure to follow the process. Also the package should be opened within 2-3 days time once its delivered to make sure that there are no inner damages and it should be communicated to us with some good pictures or videos, so we can claim the insurance and get it fixed. We can not help if you delay in opening the package.

Extra Shipping Charges after Delivery:

Please note the Shipping cost given to you is based on your address details, service chosen and product. Please make sure that your home location have good space for a Full size Truck to enter, incase of any issues this needs to be communicated to us while getting quote. Be sure NOT to ask the Delivery driver for delivering Mandir Inside home, Garage or Porch. Unless you have opted for any Special service, all Shipments will be dropped in the Curbside only. If any extra services requested without any prior notification to us,  Divine WoodN Crafts has all rights to charge after you receive the shipment. Legal Action will be taken if not responsible.

Refund/Return Policy:

At Divine WoodN Crafts all sales are Final. No Refund/Return/Cancellation on any orders due to nature of Business. Except Major Damaged items during transit, we will review and take back the mandir and a new mandir will be shipped.

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